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Materials Handling Systems

Dramatic improvements in output, efficiency and safety with standard or bespoke conveyors, loaders & transfer systems.

No matter how fast your saw can cut, its productivity will always be limited by the ability to feed material to the machine and to take it away.

The efficient handling of material through your production lines saves considerable time and money by continually feeding stock to a bandsaw, circular saw, steelworker or any other metal workshop machine. In some instances customers have found that production has doubled.

Prosaw supply off-the-shelf material handling or we can manufacture bespoke material handling systems that are designed to suit your application and budget.

Operation Types

Circular saws come in a variety of operation types and can include options for mitre cutting, pivot action or upstroking cutting head and double headed sawing.

Manual Circular Saws

Compact, pedestal mounted, manual circular cut-off saws, operated by a hand lever, offer easy mitre cutting for the workshop or toolroom. Vertical action cold saws are available for cutting heavier materials.


Semi-automatic saws have powered material clamping and controlled blade feed rate that is initiated with a single or two push button control, for cutting larger sections and solids. Auto coldsaws index the material, and make multiple cuts while unattended. Two headed saws cut long components with or without mitres quickly and efficiently. Non ferrous saws with mitre facility include models with pivot action or upstroking cutting heads in semi-auto and NC automatic versions to cut at high speed, whilst providing an excellent finish.


Heavy duty, automatic carbide saws with magazine feeders provide very high production rates when cutting solid mild steel or stainless steel. Optional robot unloading of cut pieces is available. Complete tube sawing lines include bundle loading magazines feeders, programmable length setting and linked de-burrers.


Materials cut on circular saws include solids, sections, tubes and profiles in stainless steel, mild steel, plastics and aluminium.

Large Capacity Plate

Large aluminium plate saws with automatic NC controlled feeders will handle material up to 6 meters wide and 150mm thick.

Thin Materials

Friction saws cut very thin materials and abrasive saws will cut the hardest materials with a smooth surface finish.

Special Design Service

A design and build service is available. This is especially useful for aluminium plate, plastics and composite materials, grille flooring, wall and roof cladding up to 6 metre wide, 150 mm high. Each machine can be designed and built to suit customer's specific application.

Saw Blades

The use of high speed blades, abrasive discs and the latest carbide blades facilitates the cutting of all types of material including solids, sections, tubes and profiles in stainless steel, mild steel, plastics and aluminium.

Free running roller conveyors

A simple and low cost way to support material and present it to any machine

Powered roller conveyors

"Let the chain take the strain" - Powered roller conveyors allow easy positioning of material to any type of equipment. With a controlled speed, operators can move heavy pieces of material from a simple control console.

Manual measuring stops

When repeated cut length accuracy is required, manual measuring stops offer a simple and effective solution. Allowing a length to be set for multiple cut pieces.

Automatic NC measuring stops

If you need to cut with accuracy multiple pieces at varying lengths, then an NC measuring stop is the perfect solution.

Incremental material feeders

Turning a semi-automatic machine into an automatic is easy with incremental material feeders. These can move material to a given length quickly and accurately.


One way to increase production is the use of material stillage arms. Either mounted on the infeed or outfeed conveyors, stillage arms can hold stock lengths of material or cut pieces allowing the machine to keep processing whilst the work piece is carried away.

Magazine loaders

To fully automate a number of machines, magazine loaders allow multiple stock lengths to be placed on them and keep feeding an automatic machine thus increasing production with less loading time.

Bundle loaders

Working in conjunction with material loaders, a bundle loader allows for greater quantities of material to be processed.

Cross transfer systems

Whether your moving large construction beam or small rolled sections. Prosaw cross transfer system make moving material easy and with decreased labour input.

Labellers and engravers

For traceability or simply despatch, a labelling system helps speed up the process of marking material that has been processed.

Ejector systems

After the material has been processed a Prosaw ejector system will help to move the work piece to your desired location ready for the next operation.

Single roller stands

Designed to support material from small to large, single roller stands can be very versatile in small workshops.

Roller conveyors are available in various builds, widths and load bearing capacity that can be adjusted or manufactured to suit your machine bed height.

Our precision engineered measuring systems ensure that components are consistently cut to tolerance, reducing the waste of material and time.

Optional Materials Handling Equipment

Optional materials handling system equipment includes fixed and adjustable vertical rollers, conveyor gateways, conveyor coolant trays, coated rollers and lifting rollers.

The conveyance of material through the working environment is controlled and constrained through channels that may be fenced and guarded thus improving safety.

Forklifts and overhead cranes can be relieved for other duties with a well thought out design.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for materials handling systems and conveyors for your bandsaw, coldsaw, ironworker and other metal workshop machines.

Special Applications

Prosaw will design and build a system to suit your individual requirements. Visit our special applications page for more information about bespoke sawing machines and materials handling systems.