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Bomar Individual 520.360DGH

A bandsaw machine from Bomar

Individual 520.360DGH

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Continuous two-sided bevel cuts to 60°
Double mitre cutting
Max Capacity: 520mm

The Bomar Individual 520.360DGH is a double mitre semi-automatic twin column bandsaw with a bevel range of 60° on both sides. This large capacity machine features a continuous two-sided bevel cuts to 60°, integrated material rollers up to the saw machine's support tables and powered shavings brushes always synchronized to the saw band speed.

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Powered shavings brush always runs synchronized to the saw band speed. On both columns, the saw frame is mounted to high-precision, play-free linear guides. These guides guarantee maximally smooth operation and cutting precision. For bevel cuts, the support table swivels with the saw band. This ensures that the support table is never cut. The bevel clamp is right on the front of the pivoting console, thus allowing a simple, uncomplicated workflow. The control panel on Individual semi-automatic devices is laid out simply and clearly. The lighted display gives status and error messages in plain text.

Bomar Individual 520.360DGH Standard Details

  • Continuous two-sided bevel cuts to 60°
  • Material tension always under 90° to the contact axis, even with bevel cuts
  • Integrated material rollers up to the saw machine's support tables
  • Large, precise V-guide block for the adjustable saw band guide arm
  • Powered shavings brushes always synchronized to the saw band speed
  • Large, easily visible bevel scale readable right from the pivoting console
  • Vice with full-lift cylinder and special adjustable guide on hardened, ground rails
  • Digital display of exact mitre angle
  • Twin column design, saw bow supported on twin linear slides
  • Hydraulic downfeed control with automatic cutting control
  • Variable blade speed

Bomar Individual 520.360DGH Technical Details

The vice is guided on hardened, ground rails. The special design allows the slide rails to be readjusted at any time and the vice to be held play-free.

Large guide shoes made of vibration-damping cast material in combination with carbide slideways and low-wear guide rollers make for precise cuts.

Saw band tensioner
Standard equipment includes a hydraulic band tension display, an electronic monitor for saw blade tension and saw band breakage, and more.

Full-lift cylinders
Generously sized full-lift cylinders allow vice operation right from the control panel.

Cutting feed and cutting pressure are set individually at the control panel. The selected cutting pressure is displayed on a manometer.

ADFR – The highest precision. Faster cut.

Less wear.

The ADFR system regulates the interplay of the cutting pressure and the cutting feed automatically in real time. A sensor gives the current load on the saw band and regulates the cutting feed according to the shape of the material. For larger cross cuts to the material, the cutting channel lengthens and the saw band's load increases. If the cutting feed in these ranges is not automatically adjusted, the saw band's life drastically decreases or the cutting time significantly drops due to a lower feed.

Bomar Individual 520.360DGH Specifications

Manufacturer Bomar
Machine Type Bandsaws / Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Operation Type Semi-Automatic, Twin column, Large Capacity, Straight Cutting, Mitre Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 520
Material Type Sections
Materials Non ferrous, Ferrous
Blade Size 4780 x 1.1 x 34
Dimensions 2100 x 2350 x 2450

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