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Bomar Production 300.280 ANC

A bandsaw machine from Bomar

Production 300.280 ANC

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
750 mm feeder in a simple stroke
Tolerance-free feeding
Max Capacity: 280mm

The Bomar Production 300.280 ANC is a fully automated, CNC controlled twin column bandsaw. The automatic vice can feed maximum lengths of 750mm. This bandsaw is ideal for precision cutting due to the polymer concrete technology within the structure of the machine. In connection with a large, tolerance-free linear guiding the polymer concrete technology provides almost vibration-free cuts.

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The Production series of machines are designed for the highest cutting performance. Equipped with modern controls and by the use of polymer concrete provides almost vibration-free cutting. With complete cladding the saw meets current directives for machines and ensures safety and a clean workspace.

Bomar Production 300.280 ANC Standard Details

  • Highly sensitive regulation of the cutting pressure for optimal cutting time and precise angles of cut sizes
  • Sectional main clamping vice for fixing the material before and behind the cut
  • Short-length remains in an automatic operation
  • Continuous band speed 20–120 m/min. thanks to a frequency convertor
  • Material detection through a laser light lock system
  • Material feeding over a ball bolt and a linear measuring system
  • Preloaded, large linear guiding for the saw frame, band guide arm, and material feeding unit
  • Hydraulic band tensioning with the release function at machine downtimes

Bomar Production 300.280 ANC Technical Details

Precise guiding
High cutting power requires a band precision guide. Production series machines are equipped with a combination of large guiding rolls and large area, ground hard metal guides located directly on the cutting edge.

Hydraulic tensioning
Proper saw band tensioning is adjusted hydraulically and constantly checked electronically. During machine downtimes tensioning is decreased.

Downfeeding is provided by two massive hydraulic moving cylinders. Downfeeding and cutting pressure are adjusted directly on the control panel and controlled by the ADFR system which ensures automatic additional adjustment of the cutting pressure.

Bomar Production 300.280 ANC Specifications

Manufacturer Bomar
Machine Type Bandsaws / Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Operation Type Automatic, Twin column, Straight Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 280
Material Type Solids, Sections
Materials Aluminium, Non ferrous, Ferrous
Blade Size 4910 x 34 x 1.1
Blade Speed 20 - 120

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