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Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC

A bandsaw machine from Bomar

Proline 520.450 ANC

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Hydraulic down feed
Feed length of 600mm
Max Capacity: 450mm

The Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC is an automatic horizontal twin-column bandsaw ideal for the cutting of section material. The shift length is 600 mm, with a total shift up to 9999 mm. This machine features a steplessly variable blade speed of 20~120m/min.

The main clamping device jigs forward and behind the band-saw blade. Chucking jaws are provided with hardened ribbon inlays enabling a rest length 70 mm.

The accurate guide with hard metallic plates and the own shift of saw-blade provide precise sawing results.

The Proline saws are equipped with the operating variant Visual Dialog enabling to tender the machine by holding a dialog with clear information in form of clear text.

A metal chips brush with a synchronous driven running according to the bandspeed provides an ideal cleaning effect.

A great sized chucking cylinder on the main clamping device and shift vice provide sufficient chucking power, a riffled clamping surface a good clamping again.

The Proline saws are serial equipped with a carrying slipway with draining mesh screen.

Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC Standard Details

  • Shift length 600 mm, total shift up to 9999 mm
  • Divided main clamping device for short residual lengths and an ideal material clamping
  • Cylinder with hydraulic lift for feeding and the main clamping device
  • Continuous increasing band speed by the frequency converter from 20 as to 120 m/min
  • Automatic regulation of the sawing pressure, for the material form and quality to be adjusted
  • Metal chip brush, synchronous driven with the bandsaw blade
  • Visual dialog management system with great display and membrane switch
  • Free placeable console with all service elements on the saw's front

Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC Technical Details

The Proline series sawing machine are serial equipped with the ADFR system.

The ADFR automatic system regulates the interplay of the cutting pressure of kerf feeding in real time. The actual load of the band-saw blade is sensor scanned and the kerf feeding regulated according to the material form. By more sized material cross sections is the kerf channel made longer and the loading of the band-saw blade is increasing. If the kerf feed doesn't adapt in these sections automatically, it happens drastically to reduce the stop-time/running life of the band-saw blade or the sawing time is slowing down through lesser feeding.

Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC Specifications

Manufacturer Bomar
Machine Type Bandsaws / Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Operation Type Automatic, Twin column
Max Capacity Cut Size 450
Material Type Sections
Materials Non ferrous, Ferrous

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