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Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer

A bandsaw machine from Danobat


CP 20.20TV Transfer

Intelligent cutting software
Downfeed speed control
Max Capacity: 2032mm

The CP 20.20TV is a transfer semi or fully automatic large capacity band saw machine where the workpiece is moving on the table. It is designed for a cutting capacity of up to 2032 mm. The transfer machine is equipped with a robust mobile table (wagon) designed to position and feed the workpiece. The powerful saw drive motor and gear box provide the best torque and power for a wide range of materials.

Two independent and rigid guiding arms together with the solid and compact structure of the machine guarantee an accurate and fast cut, which is definitely necessary for cutting big dimension pieces.

Danobat wagon style cutting bandsaws are notable for their robustness and accuracy, with the aim of guarantee the productivity and cutting quality you need.

Columns and sawhead are filled in with concrete polymere and fabricated in a unique piece, avoiding any vibration during the cut.

Automatic feeding system can complete the configuration of the machine in order to get the required production level at any case.

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Standard Details

  • Automatic swarf conveyor
  • Automatic tensioning
  • Downfeed speed control
  • Laser fast approach
  • Independent saw vices
  • Independent wagon vices
  • Wagon
  • Intelligent cutting software
  • Cutting deflection control
  • Independent guiding arms
  •  “V” supports

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Technical Details

  • Include a high performance gearbox specially sized for great loads at low revolutions. The powerful saw drive motor and gear box provide the best torque and power for a wide range of materials.
  • The bandsaw range is flexible enough to allow higher or lower blade speed depending on the material to cut.
  • Both guiding arms are independent to the mobile clamps and are driven by hydraulic cylinders, arms have sensors to detect the position in order to be as close as possible to the cutting line, so the guiding arm is automatically adjusted to the piece width. During the cut process, the mobile arms are blocked by hydraulic pistons in order to assure the cutting quality.
  • Machine is provided with hydraulic clamps (grooved and tempered) at the blade exit and in the wagon.
  • Vices movement is independent to approximate the vices to clamp the material. Operator has buttons for moving vices in the main control panel.
  • The transfer machine is equipped with a robust mobile table (wagon), function of this wagon is to position and feed the workpiece. Wagon can be positioned at the outside of the machine, providing high reliability and convenience for the loading of the piece without the risk of collisions with any part of the machine. Wagon is fitted with V supports, these are easy to change according to gradually wear.

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Optional Features

  • Vertical clamp
  • Cutting depth control
  • Online programming
  • Teleservice
  • Automatic mode

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Semi or Fully Automatic Bandsaw Video

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Specifications

Manufacturer Danobat
Machine Type Bandsaws
Operation Type Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Twin column, Large Capacity
Max Capacity Cut Size 2032
Material Type Solids, Sections
Materials Ferrous
Blade Size 16140 x 80 x 1,6
Blade Speed 10-92 m/min

As newer improved machines become available older models become discontinued. This page provides a reference point for Danobat Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Bandsaws which was previously available from Prosaw, but is are no longer available as new models are now available.

Servicing and Support

Prosaw are committed to supporting customers with older machines, for so long as is reasonably practical, but eventually spare parts will no longer be available. So please contact us and if possible we will quote you for any Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Bandsaws spares that are available and/or offer service support and if the neither is no longer available, or economically viable, we will look at newer improved machines that will make your production more efficient.

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Bandsaws User Manual

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Spares & Servicing

Although this machine is no longer available to purchase new, Prosaw are here to support existing users with servicing and spares for the Danobat Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer. For more information click the links below or contact us.

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