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Danobat DS3A

A bandsaw machine from Danobat


Max Capacity: 330mm

The Danobat DS3A Horizontal Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine is designed to cut up to 330 mm.

The Danobat DS3A bandsaw features include;

  • Heavy duty twin column
  • NC controls
  • Laser fast approach
  • Powered swarf brush
  • Easy to use controls
  • Automatic guiding arm
  • Clamp pressure regulator
  • Bundle clamping

Danobat Danobat DS3A Technical Details

It is characterized by its accuracy and rigid construction to ensure productivity, extend blade life and achieve the required cutting quality.

The technical configuration of the DS band saw machine ensures the necessary mechanical conditions to implement the most advanced cutting techniques.

DANOBAT design with a fixed arm integrated into the saw head and movable arm travelling on a linear guide.

  • Both columns, the main round column and the secondary prismatic column, are designed for high blade tensions.
  • The material is clamped on both sides of the blade to reduce burrs on the cut component.
  • The movable arm is automatically adjusted to the width of the material and is positioned in the optimum position in relation to the moving vice. This ensures that the band saw blade is supported as near as possible to the material on both sides of the cut.
  • Guidance of the blade is done by a combination of bearings and hard metal plates fitted on plates holders, thus allowing any realignment of the blade position; the automatic arm avoids having to make manual adjustments.
  • All controls, both hydraulic and electrical, are ergonomically fitted in a single panel at one side of the machine. The software enables programming different cutting lengths on the same bar.
  • The feeding carriage has a slow start and stop facility in addition to the normal feed to improve accuracy.

Danobat Danobat DS3A Specifications

Manufacturer Danobat
Machine Type Bandsaws
Operation Type Automatic, Twin column, Square Cutting,
Max Capacity Cut Size 330
Material Type: Solids,
Materials Nickel Alloys, Non ferrous, Ferrous,
Dimensions 4970 x 34 x 1.1
Blade Speed 14-90 m/min
Dimensions 4970 x 34 x 1.1

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