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Automatic Bandsaws

Extensive range of horizontal automatic and CNC bandsaws with capacities of upto 3000mm

Automatic Bandsaws

Heavy duty automatic bandsaws are compact, versatile and can be pivot action and twin column. The large capacity automatic bandsaws are rigid high performance machines reducing vibration, for best surface finish and blade life. An automatic bandsaw indexes the material for multiple cuts and can be left unattended for "lights out" operation. The material is incremented to the required component length by a powered roller feed vice or shuttle feed vice and maintain excellent cutting tolerances.

Hydraulic blade tension and powered swarf conveyor are standard features of many machines within the automatic bandsaw range.
All types of materials can be cut on these saws including super alloy, mild steel, stainless steels in various sections, tube and solids as well as aluminium profiles, solid plastic, and other non ferrous materials.
Options include steplessly variable blade speed, hydraulic bundle clamps, vice pressure reduction, mist spray lubrication, and swarf extractors for increased production. Automatic bandsaws are also available with manual or automatic mitre cutting and long stroke feeding of the material to speed the cycle time when long components are required.
Sophisticated NC systems on automatic bandsaws come with simple human interfaces are designed for easy entry of component length and quantities. CNC machines allow the input of material type and size or numerous component lengths for high performance sawing where speeds and feeds are adjusted automatically throughout a cutting list.

Waytrain LX250AE Bandsaws

Waytrain LX250AE

Capacity: 250mm

Waytrain LX330AE Bandsaws

Waytrain LX330AE

Capacity: 330mm

Danobat DS3A Bandsaws

Danobat DS3A

Capacity: 330mm

Danobat IDS4A Bandsaws

Danobat IDS4A

Capacity: 420mm

Danobat IDS5A Bandsaws

Danobat IDS5A

Capacity: 520mm

Mega BS250HAS  Bandsaws

Mega BS250HAS

Capacity: 250mm

Mega BS330HAS  Bandsaws

Mega BS330HAS

Capacity: 350mm

Karmetal KMT 300 OSA PLC Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 300 OSA PLC

Capacity: 300mm

Danobat HDS 6A Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 6A

Capacity: 660mm

Danobat HDS 8A Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 8A

Capacity: 800mm

Waytrain WH4036HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WH4036HA

Capacity: 360mm

Waytrain WH5046HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WH5046HA

Capacity: 500mm

Waytrain WH6056HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WH6056HA

Capacity: 600mm

Karmetal KMT 220 ODG PLC Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 220 ODG PLC

Capacity: 220mm

Karmetal KMT 280 WOS PLC Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 280 WOS PLC

Capacity: 280mm

Bomar 290.250DGA Bandsaws

Bomar 290.250DGA

Capacity: 300mm

Bomar Transverse 610.440GA Bandsaws

Bomar Transverse 610.440GA

Capacity: 610mm

Bomar Transverse 510.330GA  Bandsaws

Bomar Transverse 510.330GA

Capacity: 510mm

Waytrain LH360A Bandsaws

Waytrain LH360A

Capacity: 360mm

Waytrain LX460AE Bandsaws

Waytrain LX460AE

Capacity: 460mm

Karmetal KMT 350 OSA PLC Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 350 OSA PLC

Capacity: 350mm

Mega H400A  Bandsaws

Mega H400A

Capacity: 400mm

Waytrain WHM540A Bandsaws

Waytrain WHM540A

Capacity: 540mm

Waytrain WH4036HAF Bandsaws

Waytrain WH4036HAF

Capacity: 360mm

Karmetal KMT 400 KDG Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 400 KDG

Capacity: 400mm

Karmetal KMT 300 OSA Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 300 OSA

Capacity: 300mm

Karmetal KMT 350 OSA Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 350 OSA

Capacity: 350mm

Karmetal KMT 560 OSA Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 560 OSA

Capacity: 560mm

Mega H460A  Bandsaws

Mega H460A

Capacity: 460mm

Mega H600A  Bandsaws

Mega H600A

Capacity: 700mm

Bauer SA 320 ZA Bandsaws

Bauer SA 320 ZA

Capacity: 320mm

Waytrain WA460HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WA460HA

Capacity: 460mm

Karmetal KMT 300 ODG PLC Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 300 ODG PLC

Capacity: 300mm

Waytrain WS1318FA Bandsaws

Waytrain WS1318FA

Capacity: 330mm

Bomar 290.250GAC  Bandsaws

Bomar 290.250GAC

Capacity: 290mm

Bomar 290.250GAE  Bandsaws

Bomar 290.250GAE

Capacity: 290mm

Bomar 290.250ANC  Bandsaws

Bomar 290.250ANC

Capacity: 290mm

Bomar 290.250GANC  Bandsaws

Bomar 290.250GANC

Capacity: 290mm

Waytrain WS1824FA Bandsaws

Waytrain WS1824FA

Capacity: 460mm

Karmetal KMT 300 WOS PLC  Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 300 WOS PLC

Capacity: 300mm

Mega BS400HAS  Bandsaws

Mega BS400HAS

Capacity: 400mm

Mega H330A  Bandsaws

Mega H330A

Capacity: 330mm

Mega H550A Bandsaws

Mega H550A

Capacity: 550mm

Mega H700A Bandsaws

Mega H700A

Capacity: 720mm

Waytrain LH300A Bandsaws

Waytrain LH300A

Capacity: 300mm

Danobat CP 11.11TV Transfer Bandsaws

Danobat CP 11.11TV Transfer

Capacity: 1100mm

Waytrain WH300HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WH300HA

Capacity: 300mm

Danobat CP 13.13TV Transfer Bandsaws

Danobat CP 13.13TV Transfer

Capacity: 1300mm

Danobat CP 16.16TV Transfer Bandsaws

Danobat CP 16.16TV Transfer

Capacity: 1600mm

Waytrain WA530HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WA530HA

Capacity: 530mm

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer Bandsaws

Danobat CP 20.20TV Transfer

Capacity: 2032mm

Danobat GV 11.11 Gantry Bandsaws

Danobat GV 11.11 Gantry

Capacity: 1100mm

Waytrain WA7062HA Bandsaws

Waytrain WA7062HA

Capacity: 620mm

Danobat GV 13.13 Gantry Bandsaws

Danobat GV 13.13 Gantry

Capacity: 1300mm

Danobat GV 16.16 Gantry Bandsaws

Danobat GV 16.16 Gantry

Capacity: 1600mm

Danobat GV 20.20 Gantry Bandsaws

Danobat GV 20.20 Gantry

Capacity: 2032mm

Danobat HDS 11A Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 11A

Capacity: 1100mm

Bomar Production 300.280 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Production 300.280 ANC

Capacity: 280mm

Bomar Production 400.360 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Production 400.360 ANC

Capacity: 360mm

Bomar Production 500.460 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Production 500.460 ANC

Capacity: 460mm

Bomar Individual 520.360 GANC Bandsaws

Bomar Individual 520.360 GANC

Capacity: mm

Bauer 280 GZA Bandsaws

Bauer 280 GZA

Capacity: 330mm

Bauer HS 310A Bandsaws

Bauer HS 310A

Capacity: 300mm

Bomar Proline 320.280 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Proline 320.280 ANC

Capacity: 280mm

Bomar Proline 420.350 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Proline 420.350 ANC

Capacity: 350mm

Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC Bandsaws

Bomar Proline 520.450 ANC

Capacity: 450mm