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Manual Bandsaws

Metal cutting availble as pull down and/or gravity feed bandsaw machines

Manual Bandsaws

Horizontal pivot action manual bandsaws are available as either pull down or gravity feed machines. Some saws can be easily switched to either pull down or gravity feed machines. Prosaw quality machines include those manufactured by Bomar, Bauer, Karmetal, and Waytrain.

We are eager to help you find the best fit for your budget for cutting mild steel, stainless, super alloy, non ferrous materials including aluminium profiles and solid plastic, sections, tube and solids.

Manual bandsaws are suitable for cutting mild steel, stainless, super alloy, non ferrous materials including aluminium profiles and solid plastic, sections, tube and solids.

A manual band saw usually has a clamping vice assembly that is closed with a hand wheel. A number of machines are also equipped with a quick action lever that withdraws the moving vice jaw a small distance from the material so that it can be advanced to the cutting position prior to cut.

Straight & Mitre

The heavy build of some manual bandsaws lend themselves to the straight cutting of billets, others are designed with a swinging bow for easy mitre cutting.


Pulldown saws have a lever with handgrip, sometimes fitted with a trigger switch to start the blade, so that the bow can be pulled down at a controlled rate. The bow is manually lifted following the cut. These compact machines usually offer a larger cutting capacity than circular saws of similar cost or size.

Gravity Downfeed

A gravity downfeed machine has a bow that descends at a rate that is controlled by an adjustable precision valve. The bow is raised by a handle fitted to the bow.

Available options include vice pressure reduction, laser line alignment and mist spray applicator.

Bomar 275.230DG Bandsaws

Bomar 275.230DG

Capacity: 320mm

Bomar 275.230DG

Bomar 320.250DG Bandsaws

Bomar 320.250DG

Capacity: 320mm

Bomar 320.250DGH  Bandsaws

Bomar 320.250DGH

Capacity: 320mm

Waytrain WP270SH Bandsaws

Waytrain WP270SH

Capacity: 260mm

Waytrain WE270DS Bandsaws

Waytrain WE270DS

Capacity: 260mm

Waytrain UE250A Bandsaws

Waytrain UE250A

Capacity: 250mm

Waytrain UE330SA Bandsaws

Waytrain UE330SA

Capacity: 330mm

Bomar Workline 410.280DG Bandsaws

Bomar Workline 410.280DG

Capacity: 280mm

Danobat HDS 6  Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 6

Capacity: 800mm

Bomar Workline 510.350DG Bandsaws

Bomar Workline 510.350DG

Capacity: 510mm

Danobat HDS 8 Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 8

Capacity: 800mm

Bomar Individual 620.460DGH Bandsaws

Bomar Individual 620.460DGH

Capacity: 620mm

Waytrain UE916A Bandsaws

Waytrain UE916A

Capacity: 225mm

Bomar Individual 520.360DGH Bandsaws

Bomar Individual 520.360DGH

Capacity: 520mm

Karmetal KMT 350 KSA Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 350 KSA

Capacity: 350mm

Karmetal KMT 400 KSA Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 400 KSA

Capacity: 400mm

Karmetal KMT 220 CRAFT Bandsaws

Karmetal KMT 220 CRAFT

Capacity: 220mm

Bauer S 320 DG-L Bandsaws

Bauer S 320 DG-L

Capacity: mm

Bauer S 280 DG-L Bandsaws

Bauer S 280 DG-L

Capacity: mm

Bauer S 280G Bandsaws

Bauer S 280G

Capacity: 330mm

Bauer S 280DG Bandsaws

Bauer S 280DG

Capacity: 330mm

Bauer S 320 Bandsaws

Bauer S 320

Capacity: 410mm

Bauer S 320DG Bandsaws

Bauer S 320DG

Capacity: mm

Prosaw RF 270 HB Bandsaws

Prosaw RF 270 HB

Capacity: mm

Bomar Construction 820.450DGS  Bandsaws

Bomar Construction 820.450DGS

Capacity: 820mm

Danobat HDS 11 Bandsaws

Danobat HDS 11

Capacity: 1100mm

Bomar Extend 700.520  Bandsaws

Bomar Extend 700.520

Capacity: 700mm

Bomar Extend 800.620 Bandsaws

Bomar Extend 800.620

Capacity: 620mm

Bomar Extend 900.720  Bandsaws

Bomar Extend 900.720

Capacity: 720mm

Bomar Construction 615.340DGS Bandsaws

Bomar Construction 615.340DGS

Capacity: 615mm

Bomar Extend 1000.820  Bandsaws

Bomar Extend 1000.820

Capacity: 820mm

Waytrain UE250V Bandsaws

Waytrain UE250V

Capacity: 250mm

Waytrain UE330SSA Bandsaws

Waytrain UE330SSA

Capacity: 330mm

Danobat CP 13.13 Bandsaws

Danobat CP 13.13

Capacity: 1300mm

Danobat CP16.16 Bandsaws

Danobat CP16.16

Capacity: 1600mm

Waytrain WS20 Bandsaws

Waytrain WS20

Capacity: 460mm

Waytrain W1318S Bandsaws

Waytrain W1318S

Capacity: 330mm

Bomar Extend 1120.1120 Bandsaws

Bomar Extend 1120.1120

Capacity: 1120mm

Diva 850/1200 Bandsaws

Diva 850/1200

Capacity: 850mm

Diva 1100/1200 Bandsaws

Diva 1100/1200

Capacity: 1100mm