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Karmetal KMT 700 KDG

A bandsaw machine from Karmetal


Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Max Capacity: 700mm

Karmetal KMT 700 KDG Semi-automatic Structural Mitre Band Saw

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The Karmetal KMT 700 KDG is an semi-automatic twin column structural mitre band saw. This machine from Karmetal is an automatic bandsaw which includes controls for sensitive pressure, inverter and hydraulic brake. It has a fast down speed and mitre cutting action both ways.

  • Mitre Cutting to 15º
  • Hydraulic saw blade tension
  • Hydraulic top clamp
  • Hydraulic vice
  • Sensitive pressure, inverter and hydraulic brake
  • Motorised swarf brush and conveyor
  • Proximity switch
  • Laser guide

Karmetal KMT 700 KDG Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Video