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Waytrain LX460AE

A bandsaw machine from Waytrain


Max Capacity: 460mm

Fully automatic bandsaw for solid bar and sections

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  • Highly efficient economic automatic bandsaw
  • Hydraulic blade tension device
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Bundle clamping available
  • Motor inverter controls variable blade speed
  • Variable downfeed control.
  • Built in eight languages.
  • Preset ten cutting jobs.

Waytrain LX460AE Technical Details

Automatic Swarf Remover System

Automatic swarf or chip remover is dirven by a hydraulic motor that is durable and easy to repair.

A slotted fixed vice and movable vice

Working together both vides clamp three sections of stock, handling short stock very easily.

Hydraulic Blade Tension Control Device

Hydraulic cylinder controls blade tension quickly, accurately and easily.

PLC Control Systems

This system can be programmed to provide multiple action during operation.

Motor Inverter

The motor inverter conveniently precisely controls the blade speed to keep it stable.

Optional Vertical Clamps

Optioanl vertical clmaps are operated hydraulically and used for bundle cutting operations.

Waytrain LX460AE Specifications

Manufacturer Waytrain
Machine Type Bandsaws
Operation Type Automatic, Pivot action, Straight Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 460
Material Type Solids, Sections, Material Bundles (Capacity: 200 ~ 300 x 150 ~ 200)
Materials Aluminium, Nickel Alloys, Non ferrous, Ferrous
Blade Size 4770 x 41 x 1.3
Blade Speed 60 Hz 17~75 MPM
Dimensions 2290 x 1800 x 2790
Power Supply 415v

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