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Vertical Bandsaws

Vertical Bandsaws

Vertical bandsaws are available in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic configurations from quality manufacturers Danobat, Bauer, Bomar and Fuho. Prosaw supply a selection of machines from different cost bands to suit your budget and application.

Simple, manual, vertical band saws with a fixed, tilting table are suitable for the toolroom and workshop. Some machines are supplied with steplessly variable blade speeds ranging from 20 to 1000 m/min.

Large holes can be cut using a vertical bandsaw through the middle of plate by passing a blade through a small pilot hole before welding the ends of the blade together using the onboard welder equipment.

A variety of materials including steel, plastic, rubber, wood and foam insulation. Contour cutting is possible using a narrow blade. Non ferrous and ferrous castings can be cut on a vertical bandsaw with a large cutting height and throat. Friction bandsawing machines are often the best solution for cutting composite materials such as metal cladded insulation.

Powered Tables

Vertical saws equipped with powered tables, feed the material through the blade at a precision controlled adjustable rate. Alternatively the table may be fixed and the cutting head moves across or along the table under power.

A vertical band saw with a long stroke powered table is ideal for cutting haunches. A laser beam assists with the alignment of the material, and a mist spray applicator can be supplied to reduce soiling of the material.

Options for Automatic Vertical Bandsaws

An automatic vertical saw may be equipped with a moving backfence or shuttle vice feed to increment material and rotating head to cut a mitre.

Manual Vertical

Manual Vertical

Semi-Automatic Vertical

Semi-Automatic Vertical

Automatic Vertical

Automatic Vertical

Vertical Friction

Vertical Friction

Bauer 450V Bandsaws

Bauer 450V

Capacity: 450mm

Bauer 650V  Bandsaws

Bauer 650V

Capacity: 650mm

Bauer 1000V Bandsaws

Bauer 1000V

Capacity: mm

FUHO VBS 1408CE Bandsaws


Capacity: 205mm

Danobat VP 70.50.210 Bandsaws

Danobat VP 70.50.210

Capacity: 700mm

Danobat VL 30.150A Bandsaws

Danobat VL 30.150A

Capacity: 300mm

Danobat VL 80.150A Bandsaws

Danobat VL 80.150A

Capacity: 800mm

Danobat VL 70.200A Bandsaws

Danobat VL 70.200A

Capacity: 700mm

Danobat VL 60.250A Bandsaws

Danobat VL 60.250A

Capacity: 600mm

Danobat VL 150.120 Bandsaws

Danobat VL 150.120

Capacity: 1500mm

Danobat VL 150.150 Bandsaws

Danobat VL 150.150

Capacity: 1500mm

FUHO VBS 1610CE Bandsaws


Capacity: 255mm

FUHO VBS 2012 CE Bandsaws


Capacity: 305mm

FUHO VBS 2612 Bandsaws


Capacity: 658mm

FUHO VBS 3612 CE Bandsaws


Capacity: 915mm

Bomar SV 330 DGH Bandsaws

Bomar SV 330 DGH

Capacity: 330mm

Metlsaw Circle Cutting Saw Bandsaws

Metlsaw Circle Cutting Saw

Capacity: mm

Danobat VL 50.70A Bandsaws

Danobat VL 50.70A

Capacity: 500mm

Bauer VG 450L  Bandsaws

Bauer VG 450L

Capacity: 600mm

Bauer VG 450 LST  Bandsaws

Bauer VG 450 LST

Capacity: 490mm

Bauer VG 450 LZA Bandsaws

Bauer VG 450 LZA

Capacity: 600mm

Temelsan DK1500V Bandsaws

Temelsan DK1500V

Capacity: mm

Danobat VP 50.50.120 Bandsaws

Danobat VP 50.50.120

Capacity: 500mm

Reimu E1500 UNI Bandsaws

Reimu E1500 UNI

Capacity: 80mm

Danobat VP 50.50.210 Bandsaws

Danobat VP 50.50.210

Capacity: 500mm