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Danobat VL 50.70A

A bandsaw machine from Danobat

VL 50.70A

Automatic Vertical Bandsaw
Automatic swarf conveyor
Intelligent cutting software
Max Capacity: 500mm

The Danobat VL 50.70A is a fully automatic plate saw designed to cut blocks of 500 mm x 700 mm. This machine is designed for getting high cutting accuracy in very hard materials, such as inconel, duplex, superduplex, etcā€¦ These materials are used afterwards for manufacturing big valves. It is also possible to cut in bundles.

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The machine is designed for cutting complex materials with maximum quality. The saw head contains a robust arm to reduce vibrations and achieve high production rates and long blade life.

It is possible to cut special materials with carbide blades and to get the best cutting performance and blade life.

The saw can be equipped with an automatic gripper system to position the plate to be cut to the desired width. The CNC control allows the operator to enter a batch to process an entire plate in automatic cycle.

Danobat VL 50.70A Standard Details

  • Band saw machine specially designed for getting high cutting accuracy in very hard materials, such as: inconel, duplex, superduplex, … used afterwards for manufacturing big valves.
  • Band saw machine prepared for getting high production rates cutting aluminium and titanium.
  • Automatic swarf conveyor
  • Automatic tensioning
  • Displacement by rack and pinion
  • Intelligent cutting software
  • Cutting deflection control

Danobat VL 50.70A Technical Details

The vices are manufactured of steel plates, grooved and tempered to avoid premature wear caused during feeding. Vices can be tilted to offer a secure and correct clamping and feeding of the material.

The external and internal table are provided with rollers that guarantee an optimal transfer of the material, as well as a high positioning accuracy. 

Compact design to reduce the floor space needed in the production plant.

Ergonomic: coolant protection and collection system, touch control panel integrated in the electric cabinet and easy and fast blade changing system.

Stroke Automatic Models: 1500m

Danobat VL 50.70A Optional Features

  • Laser lamp: A laser light beam is reflected onto the piece showing the cutting line. This option helps the user to manipulate and position the material in semiautomatic models.
  • NC programming
  • Tilting vices: The machine can be equipped with tilting vices. These clamps turn 90º, so the table is free of obstacles and make the loading of the pieces easier.
  • Vertical clamp: It consists of a bridge with a vertical clamps, adjustable to different length pieces. It guarantees the cutting quality, especially in irregular materials. It is possible to cut in bundles, and increase the production level with maximun accuracy.
  • T slot on the table
  • Hydraulic blade changing

Danobat VL 50.70A Specifications

Manufacturer Danobat
Machine Type Bandsaws / Automatic Vertical Bandsaw
Operation Type Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Max Capacity Cut Size 500
Material Type Solids
Blade Speed Customised

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