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Waytrain WA1100SA

A bandsaw machine from Waytrain



Max Capacity: 1100mm

This Waytrain machine is a heavy duty twin column semi-automatic bandsaw

Please note this Waytrain Waytrain WA1100SA Bandsaws machine is no longer available to purchase as a new machine and is left here for information purposes. But Prosaw do provide on-going support and servicing for users of Waytrain Waytrain WA1100SA Bandsaws machines.

Waytrain Waytrain WA1100SA Specifications

Manufacturer Waytrain
Machine Type Bandsaws
Operation Type Semi-Automatic, Twin column, Square Cutting,
Max Capacity Cut Size 1100
Material Type: Solids,
Dimensions 9800 x 67 x 1.6
Blade Speed 60 Hz 20 ~ 80 MPM
Dimensions 4900 x 2500 x 3300

Spares & Servicing

Although this machine is no longer available to purchase new, Prosaw are here to support existing users with servicing and spares for the Waytrain Waytrain WA1100SA. For more information click the links below or contact us.

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