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Waytrain WH5046HA

A bandsaw machine from Waytrain


Max Capacity: 500mm

This Waytrain machine is a highly-efficient twin column bundle cutting bandsaw

  • Color touchscreen.
  • Hydraulic blade tension device.
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Full stroke hydraulic vices.
  • Vice pressure regulator. (Optional)
  • Rotary encoder for accurate material feeding.
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.
  • Nesting fixture for bundle cutting. (Optional)
  • Hydraulic carbide blade guide.
  • Can save 10 cutting presets.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.
  • Power driven wire brush.

Waytrain Waytrain WH5046HA Specifications

Manufacturer Waytrain
Machine Type Bandsaws
Operation Type Automatic, Twin column, Square Cutting,
Max Capacity Cut Size 500
Material Type: Solids, Material Bundles (Capacity: 195~3100 x 120~230mm)
Dimensions 5450 x 41 x 1.3
Blade Speed 30 ~ 85 MPM
Dimensions 2735 x 2260 x 2185
Power Supply 415V

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