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Waytrain WL500FA

A bandsaw machine from Waytrain


Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Twin Column
Bundle Cutting
Max Capacity: 500mm

A bundle cutting twin column horizontal bandsaw from Waytrain designed for the effective cutting of pipes.. The WF 500FA bandsaw has vice clamping to facilitate cutting of various sizes of material with a maximum capacity of 500mm round. Accuracy is improved by means of servo motor vice feeding.

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Waytrain WL500FA Standard Details

  • Bundle cutting : no need to tack weld on iron pipes
  • Servo motor: machine accuracy 0.1mm
  • Cutting : 48 mm diameter bundle with  91PCS / cutting time 7 min. = 1pc/ 4.5sec   
  • Helical gear reducer: output won’t loss (near 90%)
  • Fast M42 blade speed:  98.4-344.4 FPM (30-105 MPM)    1 MPM = 3.28 FPM
  • Much higher efficiency than circular saw
  • Coolant spray device
  • Linear guide + 3 blocks : stable and high efficiency

Waytrain WL500FA Optional Features

  • 3m Feeding stand with 3 sets lean guard bars

Waytrain WL-500FA Horizontal Bandsaw Video

Waytrain WL500FA Specifications

Manufacturer Waytrain
Machine Type Bandsaws / Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Operation Type Automatic, Twin column
Max Capacity Cut Size 500
Material Type Material Bundles (Capacity: 500)
Blade Size 41 x 1,3 x 6060
Blade Speed 30-105 mpm
Dimensions 3160 x 2300 x 2220

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