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Automatic Circular Saws

High production rates cutting solid mild steel or stainless steel

Automatic Circular Saws

Prosaw offer an extensive range of circular saws sourced from premium manufacturers including OMP, Ileri, Bomar, Thomas and Pertici. Automatic circular saws include non ferrous saws, heavy duty automatic carbide saws, tube sawing lines, large plate saws and friction saws.

The use of high speed blades, abrasive discs and the latest carbide blades facilitates the cutting of all types of material including solids, sections, tubes and profiles in stainless steel, mild steel, plastics and aluminium.

The Roty Friction disc machines are utilised to cut grid flooring, sandwich panels, and thin steel sections. The Roty abrasive disc machines are used to cut hard solid materials.

Automatic circular saws index the material, and make multiple cuts while unattended. Two headed saws cut long components with or without mitres quickly and efficiently.

Non ferrous saws with mitre facility include models with pivot action or upstroking cutting heads in semi-auto and NC automatic versions to cut at high speed, whilst providing an excellent finish.

Heavy duty carbide automatic saws with magazine feeders provide very high production rates when cutting solid mild steel or stainless steel. Optional robot unloading of cut pieces is available.

Complete tube sawing lines include bundle loading magazines feeders, programmable length setting and linked de-burrers.

Large plate saws for cutting aluminium with automatic NC controlled feeders will handle material up to 6 meters wide and 150mm thick.

Friction saws cut very thin materials and abrasive saws will cut the hardest materials with a smooth surface finish.

Automatic Circular Saws Available

Metlsaw NF Series Plate Saws Circular Saws

Metlsaw NF Series Plate Saws

Heavy Duty Aluminium Plate Saw with 300mm Thick Cutting Capacity. Made in America!

Yilmaz SK450 Circular Saws

Yilmaz SK450

Capacity: 340mm

Automatic upstroking circular saw with NC Programmable Controls. Windows based controller with Cutting lists.

Yilmaz DC421 PBS Circular Saws

Yilmaz DC421 PBS

Capacity: 268mm

Double-Head Mitre Cutting Circular Saw. Fully Automatic Operation with Programs and Bar Code Printing Facility.

Bomar AL500A  Circular Saws

Bomar AL500A

Capacity: 180mm

Vice Feed Automatic Aluminium Profile Saw. Fully programable with ball-screw feeding for high accuracy and speed.

Ileri Teknik DT315 SM CNC Circular Saws

Ileri Teknik DT315 SM CNC

Capacity: 110mm

The Ileri Teknik DT315 SM CNC servo-feed automatic circular saw has mitre cutting capabilities up to 45° right and 45° left. It is designed for operation in continuous working conditions.

Ileri Teknik Smart 350 CNC Circular Saws

Ileri Teknik Smart 350 CNC

Vertical Action Coldsaw with Full NC Control. Programmable entry and exit speed of cut.

OMP 370 PP Circular Saws

OMP 370 PP

Capacity: 130mm

Heavy Duty vice feed automatic circular saw. Vertical action for precision sawing.

OMP 370 PPR Circular Saws


Capacity: 130mm

Automatic circular saw with powered automatic head rotation

OMP 370 PPL Circular Saws


Capacity: 130mm

Vertical action automatic saw with high blade speeds for non-ferrous materials.

OMP 370 CM Circular Saws

OMP 370 CM

Capacity: 120mm

Vertical action automatic coldsaw with bunker loader for high volume cutting.

OMP 315 CS  Circular Saws

OMP 315 CS

Capacity: 90mm

Fully automatic coldsaw with magazine loading for longer production runs.

MEGA CS75 Circular Saws


Capacity: 75mm

Fully automatic Carbide Circular saw for high performance and accurate cutting.

MEGA CS120N Circular Saws


Capacity: 120mm

Fully automatic Carbide Circular saw for high performance and accurate cutting.

Mega CS150 Circular Saws

Mega CS150

Capacity: 150mm

Fully automatic Carbide Circular saw for high performance and accurate cutting.

ExactCut TAC 75 Circular Saws

ExactCut TAC 75

Capacity: 75mm

High Performance circular saw for precision cutting of solids and tubes

ExactCut MAC 155 Circular Saws

ExactCut MAC 155

Capacity: 155mm

An automatic circular saw with a capacity of up to 155mm for cutting steel with HSS carbide blades and using electrically-driven feed vice with hydraulic clamping system

Metlsaw CS Series Extrusion Saw Circular Saws

Metlsaw CS Series Extrusion Saw

Capacity: 1500mm

High Precision Automatic Aluminium Extrusion Saw, with Heavy Duty construction. Made in America.