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ExactCut MAC 155

A circular saw machine from ExactCut

MAC 155

Automatic Circular Saws
Electrically-driven feed vice
Hydraulic clamping system
Max Capacity: 155mm

This high performance ExactCut MAC 155 automatic circular saw is designed for easy cutting of steel up to 155m using HSS carbide blades. The loading magazine, gripper-feeder system and simple integration of a material handling system to the outfeed side enables fast and easy processing of material. It has the possibility to save 100 different programs and much more.

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The design features of this machine are equivalent to those from the ExactCut 105. It is usually equipped with a chain conveyer on the infeed side. The length of the loading magazine and the length and style of the discharge system can be adapted to each application. This model features a gripper-feeder system with shuttle strokes of 750/1500mm. Therefore the machine does not require a measuring stop which simplifies the integration of material handling equipment on the outfeed side. (discharging via robot, machining, marking, etc.).

ExactCut MAC 155 Standard Details

  • High performance machine
  • Longer blade life due to enhanced rigidity of the machine
  • Robust industrial design
  • Easy to operate
  • Possibility to save 100 different programs
  • Possibility of remote management for fast service
  • Various accessories
  • Electrically-driven feed vice with hydraulic clamping system
  • Angle-wise feed-to-cut on pre-tightened linear guides
  • Output part without a stop, enabling connection of various peripherals
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping system

ExactCut MAC 155 Technical Details

Other Technical Details

  • Saw blade gripping: Ø40/50, 4x16x80 4x20x90
  • Remnant length: 60mm

ExactCut MAC 155 Optional Features

  • Orbital material deburring - through deburring of solid and section materials
  • Passing material deburring - particuarly suitbale for circular sections
  • Machining of ends - pre-defined chamfer shape of the end machined
  • Pipe washing - surface degreasing and through removal of swarf
  • Demagnetization - removal of residual magnetism resulting in material without sticking swarf and elimination of problems during further handling
  • Length check - fully automatic process increasing quality of cuts with accuracy normally 0.01mm

ExactCut MAC 155 Specifications

Manufacturer ExactCut
Machine Type Circular Saws / Automatic Circular Saws
Operation Type Automatic, Straight Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 155
Material Type Solids, Sections
Materials Ferrous
Blade Size 425/460mm
Blade Speed 40 - 160m/min 60 - 220m/min

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