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Large Capacity Circular Saws

A range of cut-off saws for large material

Large Capacity Circular Saws

Large capacity circular saws are available from Prosaw for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and solid bars up to 800mm diameter. High quality machines are sourced from the best manufacturers throughout the world, such as Metlsaw and Linsinger.

Large capacity circular saws are suitable for cutting solid bars up to 800mm diameter, plastic, other non-ferrous materials, composite material, grille flooring and similar expanded steel, steel plate, aluminium, wall and roof cladding.

With a traversing head configuration, the material is secured to the bed of the machine by a series of clamps or a beam. A heavy duty cutting head travels along the bed of the machine to cut the material. The cutting head carriage may be located beneath the bed or above the material. The speed of blade feed and the cutting height is adjustable.

Rollers in the machine bed assist the movement of plate in a single direction to the correct position and allow the material to be moved in any direction within the machine bed plane.

Options include material end stops and material feeders, spray mist lubrication of the blade, swarf removal conveyors and swarf extractors.
Prosaw can build special design sawing machines suitable for a customer's individual application and budget.

Large Capacity Circular Saws Available

Metlsaw NF Series Plate Saws Circular Saws

Metlsaw NF Series Plate Saws

Heavy Duty Aluminium Plate Saw with 300mm Thick Cutting Capacity. Made in America!

Metlsaw CS Series Extrusion Saw Circular Saws

Metlsaw CS Series Extrusion Saw

Capacity: 1500mm

High Precision Automatic Aluminium Extrusion Saw, with Heavy Duty construction. Made in America.