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Manual Circular Saws

Manually operated circular saws for cutting mild steel and stainless steel tube, sections, solids and aluminium, plastics or other non ferrous materials

Manual Circular Saws

Heavy duty, manual circular saws are compact and provide quick and efficient cutting of all types of materials. Machines can be pedestal or bench mounted to suit the workshop environment. Quality manufacturers including Ileri, Roty and Pertici supply these saws.

Most manual circulars have the facility to swing the head for mitre cutting.

A hand lever is used to pulldown the blade through the material. Some machines have a blade start trigger switch mounted in the handle. Pivot action saws have a cutting head that rotates in an arc about a hinge, when the operator pulls down the lever. Vertical coldsaws have heads mounted on a vertical column and the cutting action is straight down. Vertical saws are particularly good for cutting solid steels because of their rigid design. Machines are fitted with a vice that is closed by handwheel to hold the material securely during the cut. A quick lock lever releases the material and clamps with a quick, easy action. Some machines have pneumatic clamps that close when the trigger switch is operated.

A coldsaw equipped with a super high speed, SHSS, blade runs at rotational blade speeds suitable for cutting mild steel and stainless steel tube, sections and solids.

Other machines have a very high blade speed and are fitted with a tungsten carbide tipped, TCT blade for sawing aluminium, plastics or other non ferrous materials. An abrasive saw is particularly suited to cut hard materials.

Ileri V315 Circular Saws

Ileri V315

Capacity: 120mm

Ileri V315

Ileri V350 Circular Saws

Ileri V350

Capacity: 115mm

Ileri V350

Bomar AL 400 Circular Saws

Bomar AL 400

Capacity: 120mm

Ileri V315T Circular Saws

Ileri V315T

Capacity: 120mm

Ileri V315T

Bomar AL 500  Circular Saws

Bomar AL 500

Capacity: 175mm

Semi-automatic upstroke circular saw for the cutting of profiled and solid materials from aluminium alloys, copper and hard plastics

KD350D Circular Saws


Capacity: 115mm

Yilmaz RYK 420 Circular Saws

Yilmaz RYK 420

Capacity: 410mm

Yilmaz KD400P Circular Saws

Yilmaz KD400P

Capacity: 400mm

Tyro Aqualab 250  Circular Saws

Tyro Aqualab 250

Capacity: 80mm

Tyro Classic   Circular Saws

Tyro Classic

Capacity: 50mm

Tyro AL 300 Circular Saws

Tyro AL 300

Capacity: 160mm

Tyro AL 350 Circular Saws

Tyro AL 350

Capacity: 170mm