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Metlsaw REM Saw

A circular saw machine from Metlsaw


Semi-Auto Circular Saws
Max Capacity: 1500mm

This saw allows for sawing of small non-ferrous plate, bars and extrusions. With a cutting window of 1.2M or 1.5M width, and capacity for stock lengths up to 1.5M , this is an easy to use saw for quick precision sawing of remnants, short bars or extrusions.

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The saw employ a high torque, low RPM circular blade which yields precision cuts with very little maintenance.  

  • Fully automatic sawing system
  • Designed for fast. easy sawing of remnant plate.
  • Precision positioning tolerance to +/- 0.13mm
  • 20HP Arbor Motor
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Easy blade change
  • Controls by Rockwell Automation
  • Cuts up to 150mm thick non-ferrous plate

Metlsaw REM Saw Specifications

Manufacturer Metlsaw
Machine Type Circular Saws / Semi-Auto Circular Saws
Operation Type Semi-Automatic, Plate Saw, Straight Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 1500
Material Type Sections
Materials Aluminium, Ferrous
Blade Speed To 2540mm/min

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