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Metlsaw S Series Ferrous Platesaw

A circular saw machine from Metlsaw


S Series Ferrous Platesaw

Circular Plate Saws
Max Capacity: 3650mm

The Metlsaw ferrous plate saw is the saw of choice for high speed, precision sawing of steel plate up to 150mm thick. The saw can cut carbon steel, tool steel or stainless to +/- 0.2mm

As newer improved machines become available older models become discontinued. This page provides a reference point for Metlsaw Metlsaw S Series Ferrous Platesaw Circular Saws which was previously available from Prosaw, but is are no longer available as new models are now available.

Prosaw are committed to supporting customers with older machines, for so long as is reasonably practical, but eventually spare parts will no longer be available. So please contact us and if possible we will quote you far any spares that are available and/or offer service support and if the neither is no longer available, or economically viable, we will look at newer improved machines that will make your production more efficient.

  • Fully automatic sawing system
  • Up to 150mm thick material
  • Cuts all types of Ferrous Metals
  • Flood Coolant
  • 50 HP Arbor with Variable Motor
  • Precision Tolerances to +/-0.007"
  • Surfaces Finishes to 16 Micro-inch
  • Hydraulic Clamping on both sides of cut
  • Eliminate subsequent machine of cut parts
  • Fast set up and part number memory
  • Rapid sawing speeds
  • Full size touch screen operato interface
  • PLC Controls by Rockwell Automation (A/B)
  • Easy Blade Change

Metlsaw S Series Ferrous Platesaw Specifications

Manufacturer Metlsaw
Machine Type Circular Saws / Circular Plate Saws
Operation Type Automatic, Plate Saw, Large Capacity, Straight Cutting
Max Capacity Cut Size 3650
Material Type Solids
Materials Ferrous
Blade Speed To 2540mm/min

Spares & Servicing

Although this machine is no longer available to purchase new, Prosaw are here to support existing users with servicing and spares for the Metlsaw Metlsaw S Series Ferrous Platesaw. For more information click the links below or contact us.

Please note: All the information about machines listed on this website is subject to change and should not be relied upon without verification from our sales staff.

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