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Machining Centres

A range of CNC machining centres for steel, stainless steel through to aluminium, light alloys and PVC

Machining Centres

3, 4 or 5 axis machining centres give companies the ability to mill and drill in multiple faces of a solid or section of material.

Horizontal machining centres allow a single spindle tool to travel along the length of material to produce holes, slots and various other operations. The 5 axis machine is able to pivot the tool which allows for milling and drilling at various orientations along with sawing.

Companies who produce components for automotive applications, curtain walling, roof lights and countless more applications are able, by means of machining centres, to produce finished components.

Prosaw offer a complete range of machines from entry level through to fully automated lines.


Machining Centres Available

Yilmaz AIM 4310 Machining Centres

Yilmaz AIM 4310

Yilmaz AIM 4410 Machining Centres

Yilmaz AIM 4410

3-axis CNC machining center for aluminum & PVC profiles, light alloys and thin walled steel profiles.

Yilmaz AIM 7510 Machining Centres

Yilmaz AIM 7510