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Yilmaz AIM 4310

AIM 4310 is 3-axis CNC controlled machining center which is designed for working of all kinds of aluminum & PVC profiles, light alloys in general and thin walled steel profiles.

By means of additional aggregate tool, various profiles can be machined with 4-axis movement. The machine can be used in tandem mode, a work method that allows machine stop times to be reduced to a minimum as it allows workpiece change time (loading/unloading) to be run“while the machine is operating.


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Yilmaz AIM 4310 from Prosaw


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Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310 Yilmaz AIM 4310

Yilmaz AIM 4310 Details

The machine has automatic clamp positioning feature and equipped with magazine unit holding 8 tool-units with the possibility of placing 2 aggregate tools and 1 milling saw to perform machining on the 5 sides of the pieces.

  • Designed for all kinds of drilling, grooving, notching, taping etc. on aluminum profiles
  • Uninterrupted machining property by means of the tandem mode to reduce the workpiece change time
  • B&R automation system enabling CNC movement on 3 axis
  • 8 tool magazine unit, 6 for cutter bits, 1 for aggregates and 1 for saw blade
  • Solid steel construction of the body and dynamic performance gantry
  • Special sound insulation cabinet around the machining center
  • PLC controlled spray tool cooling system with 3 pcs of outlets
  • 4 x automatic clamps used for grabbing the work piece
  • 2 x pneumatic rests used for resetting the work piece in X direction
  • 15’’ color touch screen
  • Fast programming using 7 preset macros
  • Program import via USB flash memory stick
  • Technical support via remote connection capability
  • Standard ISO ‘G’ code programming language
  • Central lubrication system
  • Multi-language support
  • Operator safety barrier
  • LED lighting in the cabinet


  • Machine with 7 m of length
  • Automatic clamp positioning via Advance Alpha CAM software
  • Rapid programming with Standard Alpha CAM software
  • Tapping chuck (up to M10)
  • Automatic tool length measurement device
  • Barcode-Scanner
  • Chip removal conveyor belt
  • Additional clamps
  • Aggregate tools
  • Cutter tools, milling saw, tool holder and  collets
  • Additional magazine unit with 6 tool capacity

Yilmaz AIM 4310 Specifications

Machine Type Machining Centres
Materials Plastics, Aluminium,
Other Details
Weight 2100 kg
Dimensions 5000 x 1470 x 2000
Motor 16 kW

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