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3ADM 1200 CNC Drilling - Marking - Cutting Line

A metal forming machine from Akyapak

3ADM 1200 CNC

Metal Forming

In 3ADM, in drive way of the profile with the length of 500 mm you can make so many drills without any drive of the profile which means the profile stays idle. For example, if the holes 10 mm and the distances between the holes are 40mm, you are able to drill 12 holes without any drive of the profile. And that means very big timesaving. Also there is one more advantage of 3ADM system which makes you eligible to make scribing marking on 3 surfaces.

With there separate independent spi

3ADM 1200 CNC Drilling - Marking - Cutting Line Specifications

Manufacturer Akyapak
Machine Type Metal Forming
Operation Type
Material Type

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