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Plate Bending Machines

3 & 4 rolls hydraulic plate bending

Plate bending machines range

The Prosaw range of plate bending machines from Akyapak are capable of bending sheet metal with a width of 1000mm to 12000mm and from 2mm in thickness to 200mm without any effort or issue and to a very high standard.

About the Plate Bending Machines range

The hydraulic nature of the AHS range coupled with technological advances creates operator friendly and straightforward machinery. A perfect example of this is found in the workings of the rolls. Both top roll and side rolls move up and down hydraulically and can be done by the operator using the control panel. These rolls have self-aligning shafts which significantly strengthen the machine by reducing friction while in motion. In addition to the effectiveness of the hydraulics are the programming methods. CNC and NC are set as varying options for the use on the control panel, thereby equipping the Bending Machines with not only the ability to increase productivity but also to maximize efficiency.

AKYAPAK, AHS machines are manufactured to the highest degree starting with three-dimensional CAD design to aid the scrupulous and analytical production process. Rigorous testing takes place by a team of experts to determine it’s acceptable for use. The structural integrity of the welded steel body of the machines provides confidence for the operator and can be clearly seen in the fixings and features when demonstrated.

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