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Profile Bending Machines

3 rolls driven section bending machines

Profile or section bending machines

Prosaw have a wide range of large profile bending machines available to suit any needs. These powerful and robust machines are constructed so as to withstand extreme pressure and not be affected by vibration.

About the Profile Bending Machines range

The hydraulic cylinders produce enough power to bend massive workpieces with great ease and the rollers give versatility to the bending projects being pursued by the operators. All the while maintaining reliability.

Three roll bending machines making high capacity bending feasible, strengthening the stability of the material while undergoing the bending procedure. Due to the hydraulic nature of the two lower rolls they can move independently of each other. This makes the AKYAPAK Profile Bending Machines far superior to other top roller driven bending machines as pre bending on double edges can take place. Additional features such as three directional side supporters assist in the bending of angles and spirals.

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