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Akyapak APK 180

Profile Bending Machine

Akyapak APK 180 Profile Bending Machine

Standard Features

  • Machine body is ST-52 steel construction
  • On APK 280-240 and APK 180 rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor + planetry gearbox. On APK 300 top and lower rolls are driven with two seperate planetrygearbox. On APK 550 rolls are driven via 3 seperate hydraulic motor.
  • Variable speed of rotation on APK 180, 240, 280
  • Special steel gears
  • Shafts made of special steel, hardened and grounded
  • Manual lubrication
  • On APK 550, APK 300, APK 280, APK 240 and APK 180 guide rolls are hydraulic adjustable
  • Lower rolls are hydraulic moveable up and down
  • Digital display for lower rolls
  • Seperate and moveable control panel
  • Horizontal working
  • 400 volt / 50 hz
  • AKYAPAK Service assurance
  • Suitable for CE, ISO 9001-2008, TSEK and TURQUM certificates

Option Equipment

  • Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angles
  • Special tooling system for bending H, I, U profiles
  • Spiral bending device
  • Variable speed of rotation on APK 300, APK 360, APK 550
  • Minimum speed mechanism for lower rolls up and down move
  • Extended shafts
  • Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
  • NC Playback Control System
  • CNC Graphic Control System
  • Joystick control
APK 180 Profile Bending Machine

APK 180 Profile Bending Machine

Model: APK 180

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