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Special Purpose Machinery

When off-the-shelf sawing machine is not enough a bespoke or custom designed machine is the only solution.

Special Purpose Machinery

When you need a square peg to fit into a round hole, it often requires a little thought. The same can apply as to how to process your work piece. With aircraft getting bigger, oil wells going deeper and vehicles getting lighter there is sometimes a need for something a little 'special' when it comes to sawing.


'Special' is something Prosaw have a wealth of knowledge and experience in.

From machines to process rocket fuel, separate timber from UPVC for recycling through to cutting up to a 3 metre diameter heat exchanger, Prosaw have proven they know what it means to build special purpose machinery!

Example Special Purpose Machinery

With an in-house design team using the very latest in solid modelling computer aided design systems, we are able to provide a complete turn-key project taking a concept and creating a solution for customers.

Below are some examples of bespoke machinery designed and built by Prosaw.

Heat exchanger tube bundles

Prosaw's in house technical design team came up with a solution for cutting through heat exchanger tube bundles that were three metres in diameter. There were no standard products that offered a solution suitable for the application.

Bandsaw on the move

Supplied to a continuous casting line, this twin column bandsaw had two axis movement and was installed on a bespoke Prosaw designed handling system for the manufacture of Aluminium Bronze cast bar.

Pallet Trim Saw

Designed and built to provide sawn pieces of timber for pallet reclamation, recycling old timber into new pallets.

Long Length Cutting

A fully automated system designed for long length cutting. This special vertical bandsaw with loading and unloading offered a complete solution for cutting long lengths of material with mitres each end.

Composite Sawing

When you need to cut a large composite section, then a special machine is required. Designed and built to meet a customer's specific requirement and application the Prosaw manufactured GL800 did exactly the right job!

Special Circular Sawing

Cutting to length & engraving tubes was a manual task for one of the UK's largest Fire Sprinkler Systems companies until Prosaw designed and built a fully automated machine to carry out all of this work in one go!

Scrap Metal Sawing

Designed to meet the needs of a world leading Aluminium plate manufacturer, this circular saw was designed to process scrap pieces for re-melting after the plate was processed.

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