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Geka Hydracrop 110/180 S

A steelworker machine from Geka

Hydracrop 110/180 S

Two Cylinder
Two cylinders
10 sets of round punches and dies

This Geka Hydracrop 110/180 S is a versatile and economic universal ironworker with 2 independent hydraulic cylinders, 2 areas and 5 work stations. It is suitable for punching profiles and for mounting special equipment. It benefits from a greater speed backed by a powerful hydraulic unit.

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For more information about the Geka Hydracrop 110/180S steelworker please contact our steelworker specialists on 01536 410999.

Geka Hydracrop 110/180 S Standard Details

  • Machines driven by two cylinders
  • 5 work stations, fitted with tools for L, shearing, round and square bars, rectangular notching and punching
  • Quick change punch
  • Flat bar shearing table with adjustable guides
  • 2 simultaneous work stations
  • Greater speed backed by a powerful hydraulic unit
  • Special equipment for approaching at reduced pressure and slow speed
  • Precision punching table with X & Y measuring stops
  • Precision notching table with X & Y measuring stops
  • Ready for production pack comprising:
    • One meter "touch & cut" length stop with fine adjusting
    • Lamp for enhanced vision of cutting zones
    • 10 sets of round punches and dies

Geka Hydracrop 110/180 S Optional Features

A model with a deeper throat for larger plate and sheet metal applications can be available.

Geka Hydracrop 110/180 S Specifications

Manufacturer Geka
Machine Type Steelworkers / Two Cylinder
Operation Type
Material Type
Flat Bar Shear 600 x 15mm 400 x 20mm
Rectangluar Notching 90 x 52 x 13mm
Punching 40 x 20mm 28 x 28mm
Angle Shear at 90 152 x 152 x 13mm
Angle Shear at 45 70 x 70 x 7mm
Solid Bar 50mm
Throat Depth 500mm & 750mm

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