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Waterjet Cutting

TCI Waterjet series of unique 5 axis cutting and abrasive cutting machines for multiple material types

Waterjet Cutting

TCI high pressure, waterjet machinery for precise cutting of all materials including steels, aluminium, marble, glass, plastics and other non ferrous materials. Complex contour cutting is easily input through a simple interface or by importing CAD files. Prosaw water jets have a robust, heavy duty construction with long life stainless steel tanks.

A precision, rack and pinion drive system, provides high speed positioning of the cutting head at a rate of one metre per second with increased reliability.

Water jet cutting can be classified as a mechanical method.

The energy generated by the movement of the water at a speed three times higher than the speed of sound is utilised both for pure water cutting and for abrasive cutting and is then applied to the part being cut in order to produce micro-erosion.

Water jet cutting does not generate residual heat at the cutting edge and thus the physical properties of the material are not changed.

This method is suitable for cutting fabric, elastomers, fibres, plastics, food stuffs, paper and other materials and is based on the use of water pressure up to 6,500 bar with an equivalent speed of 800-1000 m/sec, passing through a diamond orifice (with a diameter of tenths of a millimetre) targeted on the material to be cut. In this way, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy, resulting in a water jet with speeds capable of cutting the material.

With materials for which pure water cutting is not sufficient, abrasive cutting is required. Using this method, a fine grain abrasive material is added to the water. The union of water, air and abrasive takes place in the mixing chamber to further accelerate and focus it. The result of this method is the production of a powerful waterjet, with the capacity to cut, separate or perforate materials of varying thickness and density, such as metal, ceramics, natural stone or tempered glass, among others.

Most TCI water jet machines are extendable in size so that they can be configured to the exact requirements and budget for your application. This can be with additional heads including a combination plasma and waterjet cutting setup.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting SM-C Series

TCI Cutting SM-C Series

The TCI Cutting Series SM-C water jet cutting machines have been designed to be extremely versatile, easy to install and to transport and are intended to deal with the most demanding requirements.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting SM-M Series

TCI Cutting SM-M Series

The TCI Cutting SM-M high pressure water jet cutting machines allows the installation of a second independent table as well as the extension of the main cutting table, thus maximising performance.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting SM-S Series

TCI Cutting SM-S Series

Profitability and accessibility are the principal characteristics of the TCI Cutting SM-S series of high pressure water jet cutting machines.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting BP-C Series

TCI Cutting BP-C Series

The TCI Cutting BP-C cutters features a bridge type construction. It offers, a functional, precise and economical installation suitable for all standard applications.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting BP-M Series

TCI Cutting BP-M Series

The BP-M series of high pressure water jet cutting machines combines the advantages of the standard series with the added bonus of additional strength.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting BP-H Series

TCI Cutting BP-H Series

The BP-H series of high pressure water jet cutting machines is designed for those customers requiring a housed cutting system for safe, clean and low acoustic 3D water jet cutting.

Waterjet Cutting - TCI Cutting BP-S Series

TCI Cutting BP-S Series

The TCI Cutting BP-S series of high pressure water jet cutting machines offers a functional water jet cutting installation, which is precise and profitable for use in all standard applications.