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TCI Cutting SM-S Series

A waterjet cutting machine from TCI Cutting

SM-S Series

TCI Cutting
Waterjet Cutting

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TCI Cutting SM-S series is able to satisfy all of the most common cutting requirements.

With the SM-S series of high pressure water jet cutting machines it is possible to change various of the cutting arms to enable independent cutting of whatever geometrical shape is required.

These high pressure water jet cutting machines are characterised by their accessibility due to their excellent price to performance ratio and their economic maintenance costs.

All TCI Cutting machines include the following:

  • Anti-vibration protection.
  • Optimal operator protection in the cutting area.
  • Simple programming.
  • Modern operating system to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Hot-line service for technical assistance.

TCI Cutting SM-S Series Specifications

Manufacturer TCI Cutting
Machine Type Waterjet Cutting
Operation Type
Material Type
Maximum Permitted Load 790Kg/m²
Number of Cutting Heads 1
Maximum Cutting Speed 20m/min
Maximum Simultaneous Positioning Speed 60m/min
Machine Tolerance ±0,05mm/m
Repeatability Precision ±0,025mm/m

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