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About The Machine Range

Circular coldsaws and bandsawing machines, automated or manual can cut any type of material. Solid and structural steel, aluminium including complex profiles, plastics or other non-ferrous materials are all accommodated within Prosaws range.

Twin-column band saws provide great stability resulting in excellent surface finish and blade life when cutting solid billets or large sections. A pivot-action band-saw is compact and versatile and provides amazing quality of cut and longevity of blade. Pivoting or upstroking non ferrous cold saws cut all types of profile efficiently.

If you need to punch, shear or bend your material then a Geka steelworker will provide the ultimate solution for all of your ironworker requirements. Geka manufacture a large variety of steel-worker including the automation of material feed.

Use the Search Machine feature to help you find bandsaws, cold saws or steelworkers to suit your application.

Prosaw supply TCI waterjet machines and also material handling to optimise the output from your machine tools.

Prosaw's Machines and Products

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