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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws

SEMI-AUTOMATIC machines are designed for higher quantities and increased repeatability of the cut piece. The saw bow is often raised by either a hydraulic, or in some cases, a pneumatic lift cylinder.

Available for either straight cutting or mitre cutting up to 60° left and right, our range of bandsaws offer straight and mitre cutting for all sizes of section.

Depending on the application the machine may be a pivot action design or twin column for increased rigidity and strength.

Machines can be supplied with a MATERIAL HANDLING system to assist with moving material through the saw and aid your operator with cutting to the correct length using a measuring system.

All Prosaw machines are backed up by our SERVICE department and directly employed team of engineers.

If you are unsure of the best Bandsaw solution for your particular needs, just get in contact with our experienced technical team who are always happy to chat through your requirements so that we can offer the best advice and solution. To contact us, just CLICK HERE.


Semi automatic horizontal bandsaws provide quick and efficient, single cutting of all varieties of material such as stainless steels, super alloy and mild steel, whether in tube, structural section and solid or non ferrous materials, solid plastic, aluminium profiles, and other variants.


Features and options include steplessly variable blade speed, hydraulic blade tension, hydraulic bundle clamps, vice pressure reduction, mist spray lubrication, powered swarf conveyor and swarf extractors.

Semi-Automatic Bandsaw Options

Twin Column

A large capacity, twin column band saw has a rigid design for high performance with reduced vibration and produces best surface finish and good blade life. A pivot action semi auto saw is flexible, compact and adaptable for all applications.

Powered Vice

A semi auto band saw is equipped with a powered vice and powered bow lift cylinder. The cutting cycle is initiated by pushing a single button that closes the material clamp, starts the blade and allows the bow to descend at a controlled downfeed rate. At the bottom of the cut, the blade stops and the bow rises to a position immediately above the material. The vice clamp then opens.

Straight and Mitre Cutting

The straight cutting of billets is best suited to some heavy build machines with swivelling vice jaws, other machines have a swinging bow for easy mitre cutting.