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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions that are not answered within this FAQ please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Please describe the difference between solid and section material.


A solid piece of material can also be referred to as solid bar, solid square or solid rectangular and is one complete mass of material i.e. it has no holes in it. 
Section material can also be referred to as angle, box section, rectangular section, “I” section or “H” section.

Machines that cut sectional material can be mitre or square, what does this mean?

All machines will cut square, or as sometimes referred to 90º. 

Some models can cut an angle on the end of the material, which is referred to as a mitre, at any angle from 90º to 30º. 

This is referred to as mitre cutting.

Please can you give some examples of ferrous and non-ferrous materials?

Ferrous materials contain iron, examples are carbon steels. 

All ferrous materials are magnetic. Non-ferrous material examples are aluminium, brass, copper. 

If you are unsure as to whether your material is Ferrous or Non-ferrous please ring Prosaw on 01536 410999 or email

Please explain the capacity table.


The capacity table against each sawing machine shows the largest piece of material that can be clamped and cut in the particular saw. 
The capacity normally shows sizes for round, square and rectangular material. 
On machines that mitre cut sectional capacities are shown for straight cutting and also mitre cutting.


When can I visit the Prosaw show room and do I have to book?

All the machines in the Prosaw showroom are under power and available for immediate demonstration. 

Please ring the Prosaw Sales Department on 01536 410999 or email

How can I arrange an on-site demonstration and what does it cost?

An on-site demonstration is free of charge and can be arranged by contacting our Sales Department on 01536 410999 or email


What machines can cut PVC?

Most bandsaws and circular saws can cut PVC. 

But for the best results in terms of speed of cut and quality of finish the best machine would be a circular saw fitted with a tungsten carbide tipped blade, which is rotated at high speed.

How can I contact a Sales representative in my area?

Please contact Prosaw Sales Department on 01536 410999 or email and we will pass you details to our local Area Sales Manager who will make contact to discuss your requirements.