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GEKA Spares & Accessories

A stock of original GEKA steelworker spare parts & accessories

GEKA Steelworker Spare Parts, Accessories and Consumables

Prosaw has always placed a great emphasis in supplying genuine GEKA spare parts, consumables and equipment to ensure better performance and durability for your GEKA machine. Our computerised stock enables quick identification and same day despatch to customers.

Steelworker Spare Parts

Prosaw holds a permanent stock of many GEKA steelworker spare parts including replacement seal kits, hydraulic components, stripper plates, lamps, guards, covers and clamps right through to screws, washers and bolts. Many steelworker spare parts are ready and available for next day delivery from our spares warehouse.

GEKA Accessories

The following are just a few examples of the tools and accessories Prosaw can supply.
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Geka Steelworker Punches and Dies

Punches and Dies

Different options for punching different diameters and shapes in sheet metal, tubes, angles or sections in strips.

Steelworker shearing blades

Shearing Blades

Shearing blades for cutting U, I and T shaped sections.

Steelworker Notching Blades

Notching Blades

Rectangular, triangular sheet metal, L-shaped section or tube edge notching equipment.

Geka Steelworker Bending Accessories

Bending Accessories

All types of bending for rims and angled sections that connects at the punching or notching station. Bendicrop models have an integrated bending station.

Steelworker Tables and Stoppers

Support Tables and Stoppers

Easy to use support tables and stoppers greatly contribute to productivity and safety while improving the precision and quality.

Geka Steelworkers Positioning by Laser

Positioning Laser

Both laser beams cross in the middle of the die-punch enabling easy placement of the punching point exactly where the lines cross.

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