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Machine Training Courses

Certified training courses for bandsaws and circular saws

Certified training courses for bandsaws and circular saws

Prosaw provide certificated training courses for operators, supervisors, managers or teams looking to meet a high standard of health and safety and wield the best results from their newly acquired or long term owned machinery.

Can you meet your obligations to the Health & Safety of your bandsaw operators?

Are your saw operators trained and certified?

Are you running at maximum productivity in your cutting department?

Are you getting maximum life from your blades?

Courses range from basic one day sessions to fully customised events at very reasonable cost.

What are some of the topics considered in the training courses?

Many topics are considered throughout the standard training course. A sample of topics is listed below:

  • The different types of bandsaws and blades
  • How to get the maximum life from your blades
  • How to calculate cutting times
  • How to calculate cutting length with multiple feeds
  • Training to changing a bandsaw blade correctly
  • The importance of blade tensioning
  • Health and safety training

Classroom bandsaw training course in progress

In addition to training in the classroom, students will be able to have hands-on training in the Prosaw Technical Centre. Team training courses can be customised to fit the specific requirements of each customer.

Reasons to enroll on a certified bandsaw training course

Health & Safety

Saws are highly powered and serious consideration must be given to the safety of the operator and others.

Maximum Productivity

Every machine owner wants to get the most out of their sawing machine while sustaining saw longevity.

The certified training courses available are designed to perfectly fit those needs. At the end of their training operators will be competant to use machines safely and to their full capacity.

The benefits of the Prosaw certified bandsaw training course

By completing the Prosaw certified training course each student will benefit from the following:

  • A thorough working knowledge of band sawing techniques
  • A comprehensive reference package for you to take away
  • A certificate of completion, acknowledging the operator's competence