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Saws for Aluminium - Let's Cut to the Chase!

11th Jun 2018

Machinery for Aluminium

Aluminium has over the decades become a very popular choice of metal for manufacturers and with good reason. One of the main ones being it's lightweight nature. Does this detract from it's strength, as of course that's an important advantage of using metal? No. Aluminium, although known for being light, is also strong, durable and corrosion resistant. Making this metal all the more attractive an option for cost effective and long lasting applications.

Historically aluminium has been a tricky metal to cut - it can dull the saw blade and dust or swarf from cutting can damage the sawing machine motor - so usually a circular saw with a carbide blade would be used. This would reap the the best and quickest results with a nice finish.

What circular saws are suitable for cutting aluminum?

Depending on the profile and size of the aluminum requiring cutting Prosaw have various circular saw machines including upstroking saws such as the high-volume Yilmaz SK450 aluminum profile or the Bomar AL range. Automatic extrusion saws from Metlsaw with very tight tolerances of +/- 0.075mm, high performance and precision TAC 75 circular saw from ExactCut or a more general mitre saw Ileri Teknik LCS 350 are also circular saws that are perfect for cutting aluminum.

Can bandsaws be used to cut aluminium?

Bandsaws however, are becoming a more commonly used saw for cutting through aluminium due to their variable blade speed and ramp feed. The blade can now enter the work piece at a lower speed and work up to high speed and then return to low level blade speed when leaving the material. Like some circular saws, bandsaws can cut bundles of aluminum. Danobat HDS saws for horizontal and VP series for verical cutting as well as the Karmetal ODG PLC and Bomar Production series are bandsaws for sawing aluminium.

How can I mill, drill and profile aluminium?

In addition to sawing aluminium, machining centres can be used to create small or large components from automotive through to doors and roof lights. Milling, drilling and profiling in multiple faces of a solid or section of material can be achieved using 3, 4 or 5 axis machining centres. The range of Yilmaz machining centres are ideal.

For a selection of the machining centres available visit the machining centres product page.

As we can see cutting aluminium has come along way in recent times and is certainly not beyond accomplishing at a more reasonable capital investment price.

What insight can Prosaw offer when it comes to finding the right aluminium sawing machine and machining centre?

Lots of course. There are a number of different types of machines, not only circular, that can do the job. For a selection of sawing machines that are ideal for cutting aluminum please visit our machinery for aluminum application page or discuss your requirements with a Prosaw machine specialist on 01536 410999.

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