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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions - Sawing machines

What is a Bandsaw?

A bandsaw machine uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge. The band saw blade runs around two wheels and is guided through the cut by rigid carbide pads.

What is the difference between a horizontal and vertical bandsaw?

A Horizontal bandsaw is a machine where the blade cuts through the material in a horizontal action, whether twin column or pivot style. 

On a Vertical bandsaw the blade is in a vertical position and material is either fed through the blade or the blade is fed through the material.

What is an automatic saw?

An automatic saw is a term given to a sawing machine that, once set up by the operator, can feed a length of material through the saw cutting lengths off at a programmed size. 

The saw will keep running until the programmed number of cuts has been completed, or the machine runs out of material, when it will then switch itself to standby mode.

Some bandsaws are described a "Twin Column", what does this mean?


A Twin Column bandsaw is a machine that uses two vertical columns to lift and lower the blade through the material. 
The blade maintains its horizontal position all the way through the material. 
The other style of band saw is a pivot action saw where the blade goes through the material in a “scissor” style.

What is a pull down saw?


A Pull Down bandsaw is usually a saw that is pivoted at one end and the operator uses a handle to pull the blade through the material in a “scissor” action. 
Some Pull Down band saws are counterbalanced to aid the return of the blade after the cut has been completed.

I have a specific requirement for a saw that is not in a standard range, can Prosaw help?

One of Prosaws strengths is its depth of range built up over its 50 years of trading. 

We know all the saw manufacturers in the world and we would be pleased to assist you with any non-standard enquiries. 

Please phone Prosaw on 01536 410999 or email sales@prosaw.co.uk.