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Bandsaw Blades

Blades for bANDSAW machines

Whether it be vertical or horizontal cutting, the bandsaw blade on the machine does a great deal of intense cutting and as such does not last forever.

Having the longest blade life possible makes all the difference. Some of the many things to take into consideration is using the appropriate blade for the material being cut and also the settings of the machine.

For help and support from our engineers and technicians please call us. Prosaw have what you need, and can supply blades for:

Carbon Steels
Nickel-Chrome Steels
Shock Resist Tool Steels
Copper or Titanium Alloys


Bimetal Bandsaw Blades provide a comprehensive coverage of the broad spectrum of metal sawing applications and are available in M42, M51 or Matrix2 tip alloys.

Bimetal band saw blades are based on a fatigue resistant high alloy steel backing strip with around 4% chromium content, ensuring that the blade can withstand the severe mechanical stresses exerted by modern high production rate band saw machines.


For more specialised sawing applications, particularly where high cutting rates on difficult-to-cut materials are involved, we offer a range of precision ground multi-chip Tungsten Carbide tipped bandsaw blades.

The ability to cut efficiently at high temperatures makes Tungsten Carbide an ideal tip medium for high production rate band saw blades and fast, clean and accurate cutting can be achieved.

grit edge

When toothed bandsaw blades cannot cope with hard and abrasive materials such as glass, tyres or graphite, the Grit Edge range will successfully resolve the problem.

Grit Edged Band Saw Blades are generally used to cut materials which will not form a chip. The sawing process is based on abrasive cutting as the carbide granules are very sharp and also wear resistant.

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