Saw Blades

Saw Blade Spares & Accessories

Prosaw hold large quantities of blades and accessories for our range of machinery available for immmediate despatch.

Bandsaw Blades

Whether it be vertical or horizontal the bandsaw blade on the machine does a great deal of intense cutting and as such does not last forever. Having the longest blade life possible makes all the difference. Some of the many things to take into consideration is using the appropriate blade for the material being cut and also the settings of the machine. For help and support from our engineers and technicians click here. Prosaw have what you need, and can supply blades for:

  • carbon steels
  • nickel-chrome steels
  • shock resist tool steels
  • non ferrous material such as copper or titanium alloys

Circular Saw Blades

Sections, solids, stainless steel tubes and mild steel are all materials which can be suitably cut by a circular saw with a SHSS blade (super high speed) attached. These can be run at appropriate rotation blade speeds for these type of components.

For sawing aluminiums, plastics and other non ferrous materials, a TCT blade (tungsten carbide tipped) would be fitted to the machine. The blade speed is very important when it comes to cutting different types of material.

A large range of circular saw blades including SHSS blades and TCT blades, are kept in stock for fast despatch.

Extend the life of your saw blades

The Prosaw Cutting Wall Chart includes the bandsaw cutting rates table, SHSS blade tooth pitch selection table, and problem solving charts for bandsaws and circular saws.

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