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Nickel alloys mob

Nickel Alloy


Nickel Alloys are used for a variety of applications due to their high temperature strength and their resistance to corrosion. Whether at 35,000 feet in the air or a mile beneath the sea, Nickel Steels continue to be used in the most arduous of applications.

Due to material properties of Nickel Alloys, strength is needed in the design and structure of suitable sawing machinery. Whilst traditionally, bandsaws were the only method of cutting some of these materials, now circular sawing is a fast and effective way of processing up to 6" diameter material. For material larger than this, Prosaw offer both pivot and twin column bandsaw solutions.

Whilst Nickel Alloys strength and resistance to high temperatures make it the ideal choice for use in extreme environments, it also poses major challenges for those who must cut or machine it.

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