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Customer Stories

A MEGA Success - Special Quality Alloys Ltd

Special Quality Alloys Ltd, a market leading supplier of forged products, bar and machined components, needed two brand new saws for a high-demanding project. Prosaw supplied a Mega BS330HAS heavy duty automatic bandsaw and a Mega H-460A heavy duty automatic twin column bandsaw to the company and they have been impressed by their reliability, efficiency and accuracy.

Nuclear options - Nuclear AMRC

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) have acquired an in-house sawing facility, a WH-6056HA twin column bandsaw from Prosaw. Prosaw was chosen over other companies for being the most capable of delivering a cost effective and optimum system suitable for the needs of all possible applications.

Inspiring Piling - The John Lawrie Group

The John Lawrie Group, one of the largest suppliers for the UK and European piling and micropiling markets, have invested in a state of the art saw-line facility from Prosaw. This machine complies perfectly with their tight health and safety requirements.

Sawing at the Double - Hillcrest Fabrications Limited

Hillcrest Fabrications have been working with Prosaw for over 20 years and recently decided to upgrade their automated sawing system. Discover how Hillcrest Fabrications are now processing much larger beams with more accuracy using a Bomar Construction 820.450DGS twin column mitre bandsaw while allowing the company to produce up to twice the tonnage per day than with the previous sawing system.

Speeding up the laundry - Kannegiesser

New Bomar bandsaw with automatic feed system increases throughput for laundry systems manufacturer Kannegiesser.

The harder the better - A.D.Bird Stainless Ltd

Prosaw developed a high-tech cutting machine that drastically reduce cutting times of even the very hardest stainless steel materials to fit the needs of their customer A.D.Bird Stainless Ltd., a supply specialist.

Dealing with sealing - Proseal

Proseal has turned to Prosaw once again for new stock plate cutting facility. This time, Prosaw supplied a vertical bandsaw specifically designed for Proseal to accommodate all types of stock plates.

The cutting edge of motor sport - RT Quaife Engineering Ltd

RT Quaife Engineering Ltd produce many precision engineered components originating from round steel bar which requires sawing to length prior to the machining process. They had used for many years a bandsaw supplied by Prosaw and they decided to turn to Prosaw again to upgrade their sawing facility. Prosaw supplied them with a LX250AE fully automatic bandsaw meeting all their cutting needs.

Every step of the way - Fabricon Design

Fabricon Design saw the need to invest in a GEKA HYDRACROP 80S system from Prosaw to accurately cut steel flat bars to length for their stair lift production. This new Geka system allowed them to double their production capacity and resulted in cost savings.

Bundles of joy - International Tube and Fittings (ITF)

International Tube and Fittings (ITF) are happy with their new cutting facility designed by Prosaw. This cutting system is capable of sawing the tubes in bundles for an increased productivity and a more efficient process.